Rezum needle ablation of the prostate for BPH…now available!

The Rezum System

Rezum is a transurethral RF thermal therapy to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) that can be performed in a clinic or out-patient setting. Using a hand-held device, Rezum delivers radiofrequency generated thermal therapy, in the form of water vapor, directly to the extra prostate tissue that is causing symptoms such as frequency, urgency, irregular flow, weak stream, straining and getting up at night to urinate. There are minimal side effects with preservation of ejaculation in more than 94% of patients undergoing this new minimally invasive treatment.

A/Prof Cozzi was the first surgeon in Australia to be fully credentialed (in March 2018) to perform the Rezum procedure independently and currently offers the procedure to suitable patients each week with timely availability.

A/Prof Cozzi and his colleagues were integral to the deployment of the technology in Australia including arranging a local distributor, organising re-imbursement from health funds and obtaining TGA approval.

The three year follow up data from US studies has recently been released which demonstrates durable, reproducible and highly effective improvement is symptom scores, urinary flow rates and quality of life with no major side effects on urinary and sexual function.

For more information please visit the Rezum website below