About Us


Associate Professor Cozzi and his carefully selected team of 6 staff members, including 2 specialist urology nurses, offer a combined experience of almost 75 years of providing exceptional health care.

Dr Cozzi has leveraged his considerable training and experience of more than 25 years as a Doctor to position his practice to offer timely, personalised, courteous and compassionate access to the very best in Urological care.

Dedicated, modern and purpose built consulting rooms are strategically and conveniently located throughout Sydney’s Lower North Shore and the St George and Sutherland Shire to offer inpatient services at Centres of Excellence in each location allowing patients to choose convenient and well equipped facilities with the “state of the art” technologies required for the best possible outcomes from surgery.

Dr Cozzi believes strongly in the team approach to health care and in addition to his carefully selected team, has established a multi-disciplinary practice with highly regarded Doctors including Medical and Radiation Oncologists, Radiologists, Cardiologists and Pathologists and allied health professionals including physiotherapists, sexual health physicians, exercise physiologists and dieticians. These services can be delivered close to home for patients’ convenience through Dr Cozzi’s vast and expansive network throughout Sydney.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide comprehensive yet personalized Urological care focused on achieving the very best outcomes for patients and their families in the most technologically advanced inpatient and outpatient facilities that Sydney has to offer.

Core Values


We practice under the highest ethical standards and honour each and every one of our commitments. We take personal responsibilities for our actions and treat all patients with care and respect.


We are sensitive to patients’ concerns about timely access to care for consultations, results of investigations and surgery regardless of the nature of the urological condition or the financial circumstances of the patient.

Comprehensive care

In contrast to other busy Urological Surgeons, Dr Cozzi provides comprehensive care for all Urological conditions regardless of insurance status.

Personalised care

Dr Cozzi sees every inpatient daily until discharge from hospital and employs strict follow up protocols for consultations until patients can be safely discharged from care. Our Specialist Nurses call every patient the day after discharge to check on progress. Dr Cozzi is available 24 hours a day for emergencies and is contactable through the various hospitals in which we choose to care for our patients.


We believe effective, timely communication is essential to good care and provide every patient with written information individualized to his or her situation. Referring GP’s are kept informed electronically and by daily mail-outs within 48 hours of consultations or surgery.

Training, research and education

Dr Cozzi teaches undergraduate medical students weekly at the University of NSW, post-graduate students at University of Notre Dame, Junior Doctors and training registrars at St George Hospital. An active programme of laboratory based and clinical based research is ongoing with Dr Cozzi closely supervising. Dr Cozzi is regularly an invited speaker at conferences and serves on the editorial board of several high profile scientific journals.


We are committed to the safe and appropriate implentation of new technologies with Dr Cozzi advancing and popularizing several new procedures in recent years.


Our inpatient and outpatient facilities are of the highest standards with a clear mandate to learn and share advances in care. Dr Cozzi attends several international scientific meetings each year to further his knowledge and collaborate.


We are focused and will not waiver in our challenge to optimize outcomes to achieve the perfect result. We independently monitor our results with the help of allied health practitioners.


All of the above core values enable our team understand, anticipate and actively respond to our patients and their families’ needs by accepting personal accountability for achieving our goals of the perfect patient experience.